New Age ‘Racism’

Kumar Vishwas - Official Twitter, Facebook Account
Kumar Vishwas is a ‘very handsome’ politician/poet from Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. His website is adorned with many photos of him that would give professional male models and film stars a run for their money. His poetry is even better. I read a couple of them and what caught my eye was not the quality of his poetic abominations but the way he constantly reassures his identity as a poet. If you have the time to go through some of his interviews or youtube videos, you might be able to see that Mr. Vishwas keeps on asserting that he is actually a poet. I have never seen such shameless self-publicity anywhere… even in third rate writers of cheap magazines who consider themselves ‘journalists.’

Why I would waste a bit of a space on my blog to this man, who inherits disgusting racist views from his misunderstanding that he originates from a better racial ancestry, is because of his recent remarks on Malayali Nurses. According to him, the sight of ‘dark/yellow’ Malayali Nurses would force Men only to consider them as ‘sisters’. Apparently, he adores the fact that there are a wider variety of Nurses available from North India and they are absolutely glamorous. Clearly, his idea of nurses are drastically different from all others. He probably expects to get a hard on when a nurse approaches him for medical purposes. Such devious minds were clearly at work in the numerous rape cases that happened, and is continuing to happen, in areas that are not very far from Mr. Vishwas’ hometown.

I wasn’t shocked to hear this coming from someone from the cow belt of India. Understandably, standards are quite low in that part of the country. Mobs rule the townships, the Police have little authority over matters relating to law and order, most people are barbaric and uncivilized in nature… even people from higher standards of society revels in misconceptions and petty glamour! It is a common notion that anything and everything can be bought with money. Naturally, a product of such cultural circumstances can only make statements like this.

What agitates me about this whole episode is his low opinion about women. That, even nurses are objects of pleasure for this ‘poet’ is something that amazes me. ‘Indian By Blood’, ‘Poet By Choice’, and ‘Motivator By Gods’ Grace’ is how he has termed himself in his own website. How would someone of this inferior attitude call himself an ‘Indian’? In my opinion, people like this and their mere existence are belittling the ‘pride’ that one may feel to be of India. Let’s not talk about his poetic capabilities. I do not trouble myself with Hindi unless I am pushed to the brink. I have tried my hand on reading from almost all the literatures from India and Hindi Literature has never impressed me. Also, I don’t think Mr. Vishwas is not someone you should consider if you are attempting to see if anything has changed in Hindi Literature. How on earth can someone of such poor intellect consider himself a ‘motivator?’
I would really like to know how many people were motivated by his cheap racial slur.

As I understand, Mr. Vishwas is planning to contest in Amethi, against none other than Rahul Gandhi. All these years, I was wondering what would be the biggest humiliation for the Gandhi scion and now I got the answer. The fact that the young Gandhi has to contest and campaign against a lowlife like Kumar Vishwas would be undoubtedly an unmatched humiliation for the one touted by the Congress as India’s future PM.

P.S: I should admit that I’m sort of impressed by his self-belief. If he has a problem with how others look, he must think of himself as a very handsome man, superior-looking than all others around him. I wonder what he sees when he looks in the mirror.


Today’s Thoughts #1

Shashi Tharoor

Shashi Tharoor

I like Shashi Tharoor. I love reading his books. He’s a nominal Malayali, notable author, former diplomat (who almost became the UN General Secretary!) and an M.P (Member of Parliament of India) and Minister of State for Human Resource Development. His other hobbies include Tweeting, Column-writing and making rather absurd statements about issues or people, which are often ‘mis-quoted’ or ‘mis-interpreted.’

Indian media often picks on him for his alleged affairs and tweets. Of all the things to be taken seriously, Indian media has a rather funny way of taking Facebook and Twitter in a serious manner. A minister could lose his portfolio for a casual remark s/he did on Facebook/Twitter in this country where a student or a professor could be targeted for voicing their opinion on something. Cartoons can be banned or the cartoonist can be hanged (not literally)!. Tharoor gets different here. I love his defiance. What’s wrong in an affair? Why do we need to be overly concerned about someone’s internal ‘affairs’? Are we that moralistic in nature? If we aren’t concerned about women getting raped right under the Parliament of this country, we have no right to get horny over an exchange of a few ‘tweets’ between a Minister and a woman from ‘across the border.’ I still have problem in believing that there are a bunch of people whose only job is to constantly monitor the tiny twitter farts of celebrities. How depressing! Do parents bring up their children for this job? Are there training available for these types of jobs? I really want to know if there’s a CIA like mechanism (like in the Hollywood movies!) where a group of people sit and analyze each and every tweets and counter-tweets of celebrities and then print their analysis in newspapers and all. Enlighten me, if you know.

Salman Khurshid

Salman Khurshid

“AAP’s ideas are Jurassic. They smell of Anarchy.’
Salman Khurshid has said this. We all know he’s an intelligent man and the Foreign Minister of India. I wonder just how ‘foreign’ Mr. Khurshid is to make such comments while still be a part of the Congress Party. May be he has full attendance in the ‘Anarchy Lessons’ in the Congress Working Committee meetings!

Maneka Gandhi

Maneka Gandhi

“Earlier, if a King touched something, it would turn into gold. Now there is nobody in Congress like that.”

Maneka Gandhi says this. I feel sorry to prove her wrong, too. Manmohan Singh has turned everything into either gold or its prices equivalent to that of Gold’s during his stint as the Prime Minister. We also have come to know about how Sonia Gandhi, the honorable President of the Congress Party, has literally turned everything into Gold! Maybe it is time Maneka makes peace with the rest of the family so that she will have a chance to see where all that gold is being kept!